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Friday, July 23, 2010

Own Your Domain - Why You Need to Register

Having a registered domain name is a must if you are looking to establish a credible presence on the internet.
The reasons for this are many, however, TRUST is a major consideration for every purchase that is made on the internet.

We thought the best way to get you started was to point you to the same place where we got our domain.  Yes, we shopped the net just like you and found namecheap to be one of the lowest cost providers of domain registration and hosting options.  The process was quick and easy.

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Why YOU Need to Register Your Domain - Today!

Name Recognition:  Almost everyone expects a real business to have a "dot com" (.com) address.  It is important to note that "dot com" (.com)'s are quickly becoming more difficult to register as many names have already been taken.  Of course there are many other types of domains for you to choose from, however, the "dot com" almost always wins the search.

Branding:  Like name recognition, your domain is your brand.  When you register your domain, you are creating a brand that people will learn to recognize and trust.

Commitment:  A registered domain is a commitment to your customer that you are credible and can be trusted.

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