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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Everyday Greatness - Timeless Inspiration For All of Us

Everyday Greatness by Steven Covey is a great source of inspiration and serves to introduce us to perhaps a different kind of hero.  The past few years have been harsh and challenging for all too many of us.  These same years have tested our character and sense of purpose.  From this perspective, Everyday Greatness finds it's place in our hands, with its timeless and motivational stories, quotes, and anecdotes.

Unlike most books that must be read cover to cover, Everyday Greatness presents topical stories and chapters that can be read on their own.  When rare talents and incredible feats of courage make the headlines, we all celebrate those moments together.  The real hero is the person who does their best every day without concern or regard for the fanfare to recognize their accomplishments.

We seldom set aside the time we need to reflect on the events that affect us in our daily lives and how we in turn affect the lives of others.  I trust you will find Everyday Greatness to be a truly remarkable collection of writings that demonstrates how we can all contribute to the lives of others and ultimately make this world a better place to live. When we aspire to be the best that we can be, we learn that we ARE the difference that can make the world a better place live.

This book is based on a collection of writings from the classic Reader's Digest.  David K. Hatch was responsible for compiling the work while Steven Covey offers his insights and commentary.  This book is sure to warm the soul in all of us.


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